Vegan make up review: feat Kat von D, Pixi, Make Up Revolution

Being a pretty casual person when it comes to beauty and make up (I stick to what I know) it’s not something I talk about a lot. However, I’ve discovered some great new products lately, so thought it was time for my second ever round up (first one here).

Kat von D has been the name on every vegan girl’s lips lately, but her range has been only available online in the UK so far. And who wants to buy without a try? Lucky for me, Sephora, the US version of Boots (except better) does stock it in store , and while I was over in Vegas I found her counter and fell in love.


With more or less everything at around $20-$25 each it wasn’t cheap, and with the exchange rate collapsing around us it’s not getting cheaper. But I’m generally happy to pay that kind of price for the right product, and it did not disappoint.

Kat von D Tattoo liner review

I’ve been using a dip-brush and pot for a while now and I wasn’t sure how I felt going back to a felt pen – you don’t get the same bend if you want to go flicky or swooshy. But that’s by the by. I chose the ‘Trooper’ (black obviously), it’s super dark and most importantly… it stays put all day. You can just put a thin stroke on on top to make your lashes look a bit thicker for a daytime vibe, or go for a thick swoosh Adele style. No blotching, really even, dark pigment and totally stays put. Perfect! I wear this every day now. SO pleased.

Kat von D Everlasting liquid lipstick

My other find was the lip colour – I love a classic red lip ever since I was brave enough to try it. This shade was called Santa Sangre – how could I resist? It dries matt (beautiful) and is a really strong pillarbox red. My only struggle was the wand wasn’t too easy to work with, and if you got a bit out of place it’s tough to remove it. You obviously do need to touch up throughout the day here and there, but while in Disney I gave it a pretty good test – eating pineapple ice cream plus Splash mountain. And check out the results!


Pixi Mattelustre lipstick

My Pixi lipstick I actually got a few months back. I was in a bad mood with my old elbow injury and a new lippy was the obvious solution. I love buying cosmetics and skincare from M&S because they usually mark everything really clearly on the site whether it’s vegan or not. However, this being an external brand, the M&S site itself isn’t so helpful, but you can find a full list of vegan products here. Not all of the Pixi range is vegan (though none is animal tested). Anyhoo, I got the Classic Red (predictably) and it’s a winner. My previous red sheer lipstick was Benefit (boo animal testing) and to be honest this is better anyway – it’s less ‘shiny’ and more pigmented. Stays on pretty well.


Make Up Revolution Iconic Smoky palette

The other end of the cost scale is Make up Revolution. This smoky palette caught my eye while having a wander to pick up some cold and flu tablets or something in Superdrug. It was only £6 and absolutely gorgeous. It’s one of those palettes where you think you can casually throw a bit of dark grey behind your lid for a work day, then realise how pigmented the colour is and suddenly you’re full on drag queen. Which is a great problem to have. Does not feel like the price you paid. I love this – Star buy!


K xxx

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