Welcome to Long Legs Green Heart.

I’m Kaylee, and I’ve always been a bit of a hippy. Vegetarian since 2002, and now vegan since Jan 2016. I’ve practised pole fitness for three years and find it incredible for fitness and learning how to switch off. I also practise yoga when I can, to work on core stability and flexibility, as well as the mental benefits. You can also occassionally find me dangling upside down, shouting to be rescued, from the aerial silks!

The reason I went vegetarian was one day I looked at the price of cheap chicken breasts and it clicked how poor the conditions that farm animals must live in to give humans cheap food. Once I started investigating and learning for myself how the meat, dairy and egg industries operate in this modern day, the decision was easy. The health benefits, environmental benefits, and human benefits are incredible. However, this blog will never be preachy and questions and discussions are welcome.

I live in Manchester with my scientist husband and two cats.

This blog will explore life, love, beauty, health and happiness in a cruelty-free way.